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The Soul Keeper / Prendimi l'anima смотреть онлайн
05.05.2012, 03:42
The Soul Keeper / Prendimi l'anima
The Soul Keeper / Prendimi l'anima смотреть онлайн
A French woman Mary Frankin is going to Moscow to find archives in documents that will enable her to learn more about Sabina Spielrein ... Beginning of XX century, in the clinic of Professor Blair from Russia was brought a new patient, suffering from a serious form of hysteria. Treatment instruct young doctor Carl Jung, who is trying to use the method for the treatment of Freud. However, the doctor immediately starts to deal with various difficulties, one of the girls feel affection for him.

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По умолчанию фильм The Soul Keeper / Prendimi l'anima воспроизводятся в среднем качестве |360|.Качество фильма можно изменить на более высокое или же низкое  исходя из скорости Вашего интернета нажав на значек |360| в правом нижнем углу плеера. Подробнее о качестве
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Her story touches terrible events of the war and the persecution of the Jewish people. Relation with Young served to the beginning of her career! he managed to cure his patient not only by a mysterious new therapies but also his love.. smile
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