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Little House on the Prairie 1 season


Added 2 episodes of 1 season
The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the 19th century American West.

Golden Globe Nominations: 1981 Best Actress on TV (drama),1979 Best Actor on TV (drama),1977
Outstanding Drama Series

Date: 1974
Genres: Serial, Drama, Family, Romance
Director: Michael Landon...
Actors: Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, Lindsay Greenbush...

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Titan Fighting Championships 23 / Борьба чемпионате 23


FIGHT CARD:Andrew Carrillo vs. Freddy Assuncao, Wayman Carter vs. Gregg Van De Creek, Jordan Johnson vs. Jake Lindsey, Brandon Bear vs. Nick Budig, Josh Huber vs. Joe Wilk, Jorge Santiago vs. Justin Guthrie./Борьбы карты: Эндрю Фредди против Каррильо Ассунсао, Уэйман Картер против Грега Ван Де-Крик, Иордании Джонсон против Джек Линдсей, Брэндон медведь против Ник Budig, Джош Хубер против Джо Wilk, Хорхе Сантьяго против Джастина Гатри.

Date Released/Дата выхода: 15/06/12
Genres/Жанр: MMA, sport/ММА,спорт
Place/Место: Marshall Army Airfield - Fort Riley, Kansas, USA/Маршалл Army Airfield - Форт-Райли, штат Канзас, США
Actors/В главных ролях: MMA Professinoal fighters/MMA Профессиональные истребители

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Men in Black III


Due to the assassination of Agent K from an alien,the Agent J travels in time and changes the history.

Date Release: 2012
Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Actors: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin...
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Snow White and the Huntsman


The darkness is coming. She hides in the woods, down from the mountains, veiled the sky. No one escapes from the magic mirror of the Queen, who lives in unapproachable castle guarded by countless army. But the evil spell of the Snow White does not have power. And then the Queen sends a hunter to bring the heart of her rival. But the enchanted Snow White, he gets up on its side. The great battle is coming. Only one will rule.

Date Release: 2012
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama 
Director: Rupert Sanders 
Actors: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron...
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Eckhart Tolle: Bringing Stillness into Everyday Life


Eckhard Tolle, in his speech affects the main theme that you want to change that would finally escape the endless cycle of defilements and depression, how to begin to enjoy life. Describes how to upgrade to a conscious understanding of life instead of the usual perception of a continuous stream of worries, concerns and dreams. The presentation discusses themes of personal history, human perception, and other drugs.

Date Release: 2004
Genres: documentary for self-development
Director: Eckhart Tolle
Actors: Eckhart Tolle
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Money as Debt


An animated documentary directed by the Canadian filmmaker Paul Grignon,refered on the process of money creation by banks and also its historical background.

Special features: Greek subtitles

Date Release: 2006
Genres: Documentary, Animation
Director: Paul Grignon 
Actors:  Bob Bossin

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Jeremy Reins a secret service agent takes part in a terrosrist plot. He has been kidnapped and locked in a trunk of a car. His captors force him and endure mental and physical torture on him. They try to obtain information about the terrorist plot against the President of the United States.

Date Release: 2012
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Director: Gabe Torres
Actors:  Stephen Dorff, Chyler Leigh, JR Bourne...
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Think Like a Man


Four women suffer from problems in their relationship so they decided to take advises  from a book of Steve Harvey "Act like a woman, think like a man''.Men found out what is going on and decided to take their revenge on the weaker sex that will try to refute the information in their recommendations, behaving exactly the opposite.

«Let the mind games begin.»

Date Release: 2012
Genres: Comedy
Director: Tim Story
Actors: Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart...

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Olympic games Athens 2004


The 2004 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, was a premier international multi-sport event held in Athens, Greece, from 13 to 29 August 2004 with the motto Welcome Home. 10,625 athletes competed, some 600 more than expected, accompanied by 5,501 team officials from 201 countries.There were 301 medal events in 28 different sports.[1] Athens 2004 marked the first time since the 1996 Summer Olympics that all countries with a National Olympic Committee were in attendance. It was also the first time since 1896 (other than the since-downgraded 1906 Intercalated Games) that the Olympics were held in Greece.A new medal obverse was introduced at these Games, replacing the design by Giuseppe Cassioli that had been used since the 1928 Games. This rectified the long lasting mistake of using a depiction of the Roman Colosseum rather than a Greek venue.The new design features the Panathinaiko Stadium.

Date Release: 2004
Genres: Sport
Director: Dimitris Papaioannoy
Actors: Bjork, DJ Tiesto, Marinella, George Dalaras, Anna Vissi.
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The Soul Keeper / Prendimi l'anima


A French woman Mary Frankin is going to Moscow to find archives in documents that will enable her to learn more about Sabina Spielrein ... Beginning of XX century, in the clinic of Professor Blair from Russia was brought a new patient, suffering from a serious form of hysteria. Treatment instruct young doctor Carl Jung, who is trying to use the method for the treatment of Freud. However, the doctor immediately starts to deal with various difficulties, one of the girls feel affection for him.

Special feature: Greek subtitles

Date Release: 2002
Genres: Biography, Drama, Romance
Director: Roberto Faenza
Actors: Iain Glen, Emilia Fox, Craig Ferguson...

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